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DSC_2574I like people. I especially like with passion to do big things. But people who can do things with passion, and also know how to tell people about it? Those are my favorite of all. Those are the ones I think just might change the world.

That’s why I want to come alongside you, get to know your passion and your story, and help you communicate that to others.

Whether it’s building content for your new website, improving donor communications for your nonprofit, or crafting a bio to let people know what your business is about, I think your story is worth sharing, and I want to help you share it.

Because I value working with people with big plans and small budgets, I am committed to keeping my rates affordable. But because I believe in what you do, I also want to offer you quality. I invest my own time to offer you work worth paying for, and in return I like having food in my kitchen when my friends come over. Sound good?

Writing — 10 cents per word.

This means that if I write your newsletter of 400 words (about a page and a half in 12-pt double-spaced college essay terms), it’s $40. Not too difficult, right? Even I can handle that math.

Editing– 5 cents per word.

I’ll read your writing, offer comments and revisions, and make sure your all your grammar and formatting are A+++. For the same kind of 400-word document, that means $20.

For work that does not fit neatly in either of those boxes, I’m more than ready to negotiate a rate that works for you.

So talk to me.DSC_2545

To kick off a project, tell me your story, or just recommend your favorite coffee shop, use the contact box below. I’m excited to hear from you!