Hello, friend.

DSC_2553I’m a writer living and working in downtown Indianapolis. I graduated in 2016 with my Master of Arts in Humanities from the University of Chicago, after earning my Bachelors in English from Indiana University (IUPUI). After a lot of years a student, I’m learning to plant my feet down and just be a human. So far, it’s my favorite.

I’m all about city streets, hard questions, and long talks at the table over mismatched mugs. Happiest in a life full of shared meals and climbing trees, and a minimalist in most things except books and friends. I believe in living from deep-rooted identity, chasing hard after what is beautiful and brave. I believe in paying attention. I believe in grace like crazy.

Big ideas get my eyes sparkling and my feet ready to jump up and go. I’m a fast walker and a loud laugher, and I can usually be won over with a plan and a good dirty chai.

Interested in my writing? Visit the blog tab, where I write on faith and community, dwelling in between, and paying attention to extravagant ordinary grace. I’ll also let you in on what I’m reading lately, and some of the people and causes closest to my heart. DSC_2537Check out my Instagram and Twitter via the links below this post, or you can even take a look at my resume if that’s your thing.

Mostly, though, I want to get to know you. To learn more about working together to tell your story, visit my contact page.